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Post Info TOPIC: My (embarassing by some opinion) Dialogue
Craig Maier

My (embarassing by some opinion) Dialogue

If there are folks in town who were not at the last planning board meeting who might be interested in hearing my queries of Ireland, I have a tape of my so called "embarassing examination" of the man.  I am willing to convert the analog tape that my wife made of my queries to Ireland and his responses into the MP3 format for all to hear on the internet.  Keep in mind that the whole philosophy of the interrogation was pre-determined by myself with the idea in mind to ignore the "chair" because I wanted to make public some very important points that I knew would be found either irrelevent or redundant or whatever by the chair of the board had I not approached it in a certain way.   I had seen censorship happen to may other citizens previously pertaining to perfectly legitimate questions regarding Irelands testimony.  But, using my(embarassing to some)  technique, I obtained what I feel is some very important information which went into the record which the lawyers had not been able to accomplsih up until that point in time. Everyone had wondered what the true scope of this project really would be. I felt that someone had to "nail it down" and I was not about to be stopped by anyone.  During my query of the man, Ireland would not cap his membership at even 25,000, and he would not agree to pay for the improvements in the road system if his poor ability to project growth & traffic ended up in the "clogging" of our rural roads on Sundays. But, I do not want anyone to take me on my word on this.
I am willing to make my public discussion with the planning board and Ireland available on my own website in an MP-3 format for everyone to evaluate on their own.  I do not want to utilize the valuable resources that VORT has afforded all of us by presenting this file here in VORTS space since MP3's consume lots of hard drive space (much more than text) which would cost VORT more money than they are already committed to.  But, if there is interest, I will gladly present this recording on a forum provided by our own resources which my wife and I will pay for.  I just wanted to see if there is any interest before setting this up cause it will take a little bit of work to do.  If there is interest, I will gladly do so. 
Craig Maier
My wife and I love this town and want to stay here through our retirement.  As some of you know, we are retired and do not want to move just because of CC's self interest. We are 15 year residents of RT and feel that it is one of the most beautiful and tranquil places to live in the state of NJ. 



Hey craig, while I found the volume level pretty loud, my embarrassment was for you because I thought somehow you didn't realize how you sounded. (Like you would for a tone-deaf singer! lol)

Then as I heard the questions I started to realize what you were up to--

Again, I say, you got cahunas, man! You got the job done.

Craig Maier


Karen - one of my many personality flaws is that I do not embarass very easily.  Also, I have never been accused of being a shy wallflower.  I certainly do appreciate your concern, but you have made it clear that you understand what I was up to.  Thankx

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