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Not sure how to make the other thread a sticky, so here's a new one.



1506.1. Oh PLEASE!
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 6:47 ET
FEW ISSUES LEFT by todddavid, 2/26/04

Nice try, todd.

Few Issues Left. Are you kidding??!

Few issues left that we can discuss with the Rev, yes.

Upcoming, Findings and Questioning of:


Traffic Expert


Environmental Expert

These are all the people who will answer the REAL questions and bring out the REAL issues.

Asking Dr. Ireland has been merely an exercise in speculation, as he said himself.


by todddavid, 2/26/04 2:05 ET

From the looks of the crowd and the fact each one got smaller it looks like few issue remain.

The people I have talked to seem to think the law favors CC right now. Most of the people I have spoken to like the idea of getting free use of church fitness center and fields,

Though they say much more important is the fact that it is a mostly sunday thing. They feel some traffic on sunday morning is much better then 800 plus cars a big company would have during weekday rush hour.

They were happy to hear the school gets out at 3 so it wont be in rush hour traffic for people on there way home.

I think even vort would admit this would be better for the town then a big company as far as traffic. I see they never did come up with a traffic study that anyone has seen

I think some people kept going to the meetings because they thought vort had one.

I think they were going to get one but were not able to find any that would say a big company would cause less traffic.Maybe they decided it was not worth it.

I think most people in town are fairminded and see this is a better deal then a big company because of what a company could do to rush hour traffic and the envt.

Many were worried that a company could just buy or lease the site and move right in because it is already zoned for it. Then big rush hour traffic.

I just want the law followed either way but I do see there point.

But if a company had bought the land during the 2 years it was for sale they would have to have there land owner rights respected to if it is in the zoning law.





1505.1.2.2. I counted...
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 0:51 ET
Re: DID angry outbust tip scales by todddavid, 2/26/04

...nearly 400.


1505. not what the papers said
by todddavid, 2/26/04 1:00 ET
DID angry outbust tip scales by todddavid, 2/26/04

more like 300 and that counts church supporters on the right side of the room.

What I dont understand is you told us after the first meeting many of your friends could not get there because of the snow the day before why then has the turnout been lower the last 2 meetings. Just wondering if it is as many say because most people got the answers they wanted and are fine either way what do you think.



(same thread)

1505. I thought...
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 6:51 ET
Re: DID angry outbust tip scales by todddavid, 2/26/04

...the papers said "hundreds", Todd.

Did someone sane hear "300"?



1506.2. it is funny
by toddavis, 2/26/04 6:48 ET
FEW ISSUES LEFT by todddavid, 2/26/04

It is very funny how easy it is for me to manipulate this situation. I can take the smallest thing and twist it to sound true. The RT residents I speak with are for CC after I mislead them to thinking the church has something to offer to our community. Others in RT are for CC because I have scared them with threats of a lawsuit.

It is funny.



Just because sometimes I don't share of the opinions Live2gether states, he/she has every right to state them! DMX can go scratch--defending someone's free speech doesn't make me any less of a lady. Other things do.

1508. Putting all anger aside--I
by live2gether, 2/26/04 9:26 ET

I believe that VORT will rally the troops and overflow the next meeting. Majoriy of town is against CC. Mr Ireland has lost any chance of us trusting him and RT is indeed being bullied--this will go on for years. There is much going on behind scenes and that must bother Ted and the other 4 supporters of Ireland. Traffic, enviornmental etc have not even come up yet. As Ireland takes legal action against us, RT will look likr the victim we are. We can win this batle. if we do not fight we have lost it already---Thank you to VORT, our mayor and other leaders for being so terrific. Your leadership shines amongst the few selfish and politically bitter people in favot of the ruination of RT--Thank you. To David Ireland, God bless you and your followers. Please see the trus meaning of Christ, God and general goodnes. I will pray for him



1506.1.1.1. Right Todd!
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 9:42 ET
FEW ISSUES LEFT by todddavid, 2/26/04

..."Few issues are left many are worried about."

Few issues were ever in existance: Traffic, Taxes, Environment, and General Impact on the community.

And yes--many ARE worried about them! You finally caught on!

Congratulations, Toddles.



1509. Planning Board Attendance
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 9:47 ET

Someone PLEASE name a planning board meeting that was attended by, let's say, 100 people in Rockaway, ever.

I'd also be interested in any projects that required so MANY meetings to get through the planning board process.

I'd appreciate if someone SANE responded.




1511.2.1. Additional Benefit--
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 12:36 ET
Re: Company or church or by todddavid, 2/26/04

Not only would a company pay taxes AND provide jobs nearby for those of us sick of commuting to other towns to work--

But the church's $5-6 million spending in town would also be provided by the company's employess and use of contractors and vendors.

And maybe the company would allow the twp residents to use the fields for free too--imagine that!

And they also probably wouldn't feel the need to restrict the use of the fields if someone gets married or dies.



MARC H PLANNING BOARD... by RTWPVoice, 2/26/04 !New

  1. If this is factual then... by live2gether, 2/26/04 !New

    1. Why so worried by todddavid, 2/26/04 !New

      1. worry by RockTwpRes, 2/26/04 !New
        > not what I said by todddavid, 2/26/04 !New
        > who is scared? by RockTwpRes, 2/26/04 !New
        > Quintessential Toddles... by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 !New

1510. Quintessential Toddles Paragraph
by mrsstark3, 2/26/04 12:42 ET

There he goes again, attempting to sculpt perception of this situation to his advantage.

This is priceless:

1. Try to make sense of it

2. Check out the lack of punctuation

3. Note the subliminal message ("vort will eventually realize that I've been right all along")

4. Shake your head and laugh, it's such classic Todd spin:

"...I am happy vort goes to the meetings they feel they need more info before they will be fine either way no problem with that as long as they understand the facts and the law they will be fine."

Todd, you're a pip.

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