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Lisa Salberg

feb, 23 recap

Tonight had some high points and some lows.  Those present know that one questioner was out of line and rather rude.  The rest of the questions were rather well done.  Not everyone is use to the format and some questions were placed at the wrong time, but will have their place later in the process.
I think our attoney did a good job of questioning the applicant on the definition issue.  This will be interesting to see the outcome. 
Tell your friends and neighbors to get out to the next meeting. 
March 11, 2004 8pm will be the next meeting  - hope to see you all there again.
VORT has been invited to address some local groups around town and are happy to do so.  If you would like us to come to your organization be it PTA, Lions, Rotory -just let us know and we will do our best to get over to chat with you.  Even if you want to have it lower key and invite over a few friends for coffee  -one of us will be happy to stop by and fill everyone in on what is going on.
Good night!

Craig Maier


I was rude and out of order on purpose.  I am tired of watching people here in this township pussy foot around the major issues on the table here.  I was able to ascertain certain information from this guy that no one else has been able to obtain.  Since I "took the gloves off", we all now know that Ireland is not willing to contribute to the needs of the community if he should overload our roads system due to his ineptness in calculating his growth.  He made it very clear that all infrastructure costs will be ON US! He stated during my examination of him that he will not help financially with the solution to any of these problems.  (BTW - we have an audio tape of the whole thing and its is all there if you want to hear it). He also pretends that he does not know what his congregation size could be.  Well, because of my bluntness, we now know that he will not cap the membership in his business at even 25,000 members!  Your lawyer and the board have been unable to get at this information for months now. Now we have it. Consider it. So, I feel that the end justifies the means in this case.  People need to know that this man will do nothing for this community but take from it.  They also need to know that he is not building a Church for 5000, but more like one for 25,000 or more members. 

Kim Jenkins




We have all known these things for months.  He has contradicted himself several times in the last 3 meetings.  If you would like to read the transcripts from the Dec & Jan meeting,  I have copies of them. 

I didn't agree with the way you handled yourself with Mr. Ireland and the planning board.  We are there to respresent Rockaway Township and show that we can respect those you wish to move into Rockaway, but also present a case that show the scope of this project is too large for our community



Craig Maier



Well, all I can say is that you have your way of doing things and I have mine.  And I feel that I have the right to know the answers to my questions which have not been forthcomming til last night in my opinion.  Nowhere in your transcripts will you find that Ireland has stated that he will NOT CAP his membership.  Now it is there.  So, let us just chalk it up to a differernce in style.  You may not like mine and perhaps I do not like yours.  That is irrelevent.  We both have a big problem on our hands here. 



Everybody, we're all trying to accomplish the same thing--we want our twp to remain the way it is.

Yeah, craig, your approach was rough around the edges but it got the job done and I can't argue with that.

The loud guy I couldn't understand but I know he was VERY rough around the edges, both on the brain and on the ears. Whoever was running the PA should've turned him down and that would've solved half the problem. At least he could've heard that he was being called to stop.

I maintain that we're all upset by this whole thing, and we're all human. Some of us get more upset than others and handle it differently. It's offensive and embarrassing at times, but what can you do? Make them write a letter?

The church as a FACILITY isn't welcome by my family and me, along with my neighbors (well, except that one).

It's not about the people, it's about the plan. And the UNplan--activities that remain unspoken. ("That is not a part of our plan at this point." UGH!)

At any rate, VORT is doing a splendid job, I love them, their lawyer, and everything they stand for, and I'm proud to be an almost 5-year resident of this township--rough edges or not.

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