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Post Info TOPIC: Cathy Lechner - the prophet or PROFIT?

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Cathy Lechner - the prophet or PROFIT?

Who told Ireland he was going to move “west”?  Cathy Lechner a prophet.  A little research online on this person lead to some rather interesting discoveries.   There are 7 items I found of interest.  I thought I would share them with you.


Behind the Scenes examines the deceit present in the innermost circles of today's most popular charismatic ministries.

Yves Brault gained this knowledge first-hand when he and his family moved from Montreal to Orlando to attend Benny Hinn's church. Unexpectedly, he discovered the source of his healing power: mesmerism

Behind the Scenes explains the technique and exposes his followers - Benny Hinn, Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple McPherson. It also includes a number of popular preachers such as Morris Cerullo, Jim Bakker, Rodney Howard-Browne, and John Avanzini. Finally, it examines a movement known as the School of Prophets whose main proponents are Bill Hamon, Bernard Jordan, Randi & Cathy Lechner.

This book is an eye-opening that finally reveals the source of their power. It is a must for those who have been hurt, a red flag for those who are involved in these movements, and a road map for those who think they'll never get caught or deceived.[ source: ]




You believe that evangelist Benny Hinn is anointed of God? In reality, he uses mesmerism! That's a shock for some of you, I know, but I'll prove it to you. This technique was formulated by Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician and healer who achieved remarkable cures comparable to cases presented in today's Miracle Crusades, although - remember this - Mesmer never used God's name in his practice. This German physician successfully developed a method to relieve the pain of his patients, believing in an invisible, curative fluid pervading the universe that could influence the human body. Some kind of an "anointing" if you will that acts on the mind of the person. This was the foundation of hypnotism.

Therefore, he spent a great deal of effort in trying to master that "invisible fluid." He developed the method, which is defined as follows: The capacity of raising the emotional state of an individual, or a crowd, to an abnormal, but controllable intensity. How is this accomplished? Mainly through music. Yes, emotional, repetitive music plays a role in the control of the mind and nervous system of the followers. The verb to mesmerize means: to hypnotize, to spellbind. It entered the language of the West as a synonym for "to throw into a trance" because the subjects would fall into a state of semi-consciousness. The technique is now being used in religious circles but disguised in different terms.



You compare these two men above and you take a serious look at the healing testimonies presented by this televangelist. First, nothing comes close to those cases found in the Bible. Moreover, his power to heal the sick does not exceed that of the mesmerists of old or other faith healers who practice under a label other than Christianity. He appeals to many because he's more entertaining than others but is his anointing from God? More of my observations are listed below.

Read these Similarities

FRANZ MESMER put together ideas like suggestion and auto-suggestion in a scientific, systematic method, then popularized his concept for anyone to use. Considered the early pioneer of modern hypnotism, he performed his healing practice in the same manner faith healers operate their ministries today, achieving similar results perhaps even more extraordinary. Though this method has its benefits, please keep in mind that it is far from being inoffensive and harmless. Once people are mesmerized, they can no longer analyze.

He also exercised the laying on of hands. In his view, cures were induced through "magnetic passes" of the operator's hands. Yes, the pain would go away and people believed they were cured. At times he would point at a patient standing many feet away from him; the next instant, the patient's body would lie on the floor in convulsions. He also had a peculiar ability to throw his subjects into a state between sleep and wakefulness, and became a master of it.

BENNY HINN emulates his idol Kathryn Kuhlman. The only difference I've been able to observe is that Miss Kuhlman wore a white dress and he wears a white suit. He claims his anointing comes from God. Isn't strange that he cannot produce biblical healings? In over 25 years of ministry there's never been one single leper cured, or a person raised from the dead! His theatrics and emotional crusades take pain away leading his admirers to believe they're healed. From what? asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, blood and heart conditions, etc. How about the paraplegics, those who've suffered terrible burns or have been left crippled after a serious stroke? They don't get healed. Do they all lack faith? Wouldn't you agree that his "anointing" is selective and quite limited?

He regularly uses his staff members to set the example for those unfamiliar with the "slaying in the spirit" phenomenon. They all fall down giving the impression that an anointing emanates from his hands. I have video clips showing individuals stretching their arm out to break the fall or bending their knees because the men behind them failed to catch them in the usual manner. Isn't strange? I have seen his wife Suzanne pull her jacket back down over her stomach as she "fell in the spirit." If she had been "slain in the spirit" would she have cared about her appearance?

MESMER was renowned for his musical knowledge and refined playing. In his séances, he used an elaborate arrangement of music, lights, and other paraphernalia as stage properties to set the mood and relax his patients. He was also convinced that it intensified the communication of this "universal fluid" - the famous anointing, so he profusely used it. Under his commands, musicians shifted from stormy to soft music to induce the mesmeric state through the music's sharp penetrative tones and vibrations. And people walked out thinking they were healed!

HINN has learned his routine from Miss Kuhlman. Very often during the course of the service, he will order his official organist to change the tempo of the music, and to quickly flow with him in the same spirit! His performance includes melodious whispers and fearful shouts. And he has some angelic music played whenever he prays to give a feeling of divine atmosphere. He puts on, we have to admit, a very entertaining performance. Once he confessed to a Canadian reporter that he’s an artist, that he’s always been an artist...and that's how you should consider him.

MESMER and his disciples achieved remarkable cures of functional disorders. Thousands believed that such treatments were responsible for the recovery from back troubles, arthritis, paralysis, liver or stomach problems, epilepsy, stuttering, and even blindness. Followers also reported prickly sensations or tingling going through them as the operator exercised the ritual. These phenomena also occur in today's crusades.

HINN often tells his followers that they can lose their miracle. For instance, he recommends that they should read verses and confess their healing to remain "healed." If they get sick again,'s not his fault. I suggest to you that they've never been healed in the first place. When God heals, He heals instantly, completely, and permanently. I believe in miracles. I also believe that God acts regardless of the environment and He hears the cry of His children. But while some want to give God the glory when blessed, Benny Hinn walks away with the credit when a person gets better.

A Giant Step:

The French Government has issued on June 12, 2001 the law No. 2001-504 that reinforces the prevention and the repression of cultic groups. who impair to human rights and to fundamental liberties.

The chapter V of that law deal especially with; Disposition relative to à fraudulent abuses of state of ignorance or of weakness.

The article 223-15 of the law reads: Anyone who fraudulently abuses a person in a state of ignorance, or in a state of weakness either of a minor or a person vulnerable on account of age sickness, deficiency, subjection resulting from serious or numerous pressures or techniques altering its judgment, to lead this individual to an action or an abstention which could be seriously detrimental .

What the French government is saying is that anyone who uses techniques like mesmerism is breaking the law and will encounter severe punishment.

They have taken a giant step to stop fake faith healers like Benny Hinn, and it is no wonder that other countries like Belgium and Portugal have issued similar laws. This is not an issue of separation between State and Church, it is an issue that protects individuals from abuses, and that is what a responsible government should do!.


                                                                    S A Y O N A R A    B E N N Y   HINN !


For many many years Benny Hinn has tried to establish the credibility of his healing ministry in Japan.

Japan is still a wealthy country and for whoever is looking for material rewards, Osaka is one of the place some American evangelists target.

Of course Benny claims he does all that work for souls, that is doubtful for we know that Benny is in it for money

His latest attempt to conquer the habitants of the country of the rising sun was unsuccessful, and a total disaster,.

Let  me explain how it all happened.,

In February 2002 during a healing crusade held in Jacksonville Florida, Benny Hinn gut struck by Mesmerism

While he was leading the praise and worship and getting really into it, all of a sudden out of the blue, Benny fell on the platform, and laid there for very long minutes.

They called on the platform, his mother, his wife  and two of his brothers Henry and Sammy. They all prayed over Benny and eventually he came back to his senses, and fell into Steve Brock’s arms; the one who replaced Kent Mattox in Benny’s heart!

Then Benny explained to the crowd what happened.


The crowd went wild they all rejoiced.

The following week on his daily television program Benny showed the clip of his healing and added that he went to the best cardiologist in California, he wanted to confirm his healing. After a batteries of tests the specialist told Benny that his heart was fine, Benny argued with the nurse, asking her to check again, but the final result was the same Benny was completely healed of his heart problems.

Benny Hinn had scheduled a series of meetings in Osaka, Japan on April 28-29, 2002, he was supported by Yamato Calvary Chapel the largest church in Japan, that maintains a close connection to David (was Paul) Yongi Cho.

Yamato Calvary Chapel also wields and incredible political power in the Japanese Christian world.. Some of its leaders have made political pressures and momentarily stopped the Japanese version of John MacArthur’s Charismatic Chaos   .

Yamato Calvary Chapel  has no connection to the American Calvary Chapel movement, and they have presumptuously taken their name without permission, much to the consternation of American missionaries from the Stateside Calvary Chapel movement who do not wish to be associated with Word Faith Movement teachings.

What is extremely sad is that it is clear from our own investigations into church politics in Japan that the leaders of Yamato Calvary Chapel know very clearly just how corrupt Hinn is, but they have hidden the facts and continue to support him in order to save their own reputation. Money talks louder then words.

The manipulative ways in which they have addressed criticism resemble more cult brainwashing and deception than they do responsible Christian church government 

However there is always a silver lining to a cloud and Hisoka Murakami the Director of the Assemblies of God denomination is vehemently against Benny Hinn and he has taken his whole denomination to the position of not recognizing him.

Many pastors from various denominations are also taking a strong stance against Hinn

But Benny Hinn and his friends were sailing on a mirrored sea, and then came the storm.

2 days before the scheduled date Benny Hinn canceled his trip to Japan, the reason given is that Hinn is having heart problems.

Benny Hinn sent a brief video of himself for the Osaka meeting on April 29. In the video Hinn looked extremely ill with dark circles under his eyes. and so forth. Hinn told the Japanese people how sorry he was for not making it this time around.

Many Japanese Christians got suspicious and said that Hinn had had a special make-up job done to make himself look really ill so that the Japanese would not think poorly of him. To the Japanese duty is very important Hinn really damaged his reputation in 2001 by not going to Japan as he promised.

Hinn also lost the respect of many pastors when some years ago he insisted on traveling by limousine while in Japan

The truth is that the meeting had been called out not because of Hinn’s heart, but because there were many people watching Hinn closely even taking backstage videos and so forth .

But it was not the first time Hinn canceled his appearance in Japan. In 2001, at the very last minute, Hinn did not go to Japan, the reason given at the time was that there was a typhoon, but although there was a typhoon it was comparatively small and no regular flights were canceled, David Yongi Cho made the flight without problems and ended up being the keynote speaker. ..   .  

SO HERE IS MY QUESTION  Was Benny Hinn really healed of heart problems in Jacksonville Florida in February 2002?



Benny Hinn has mesmerized himself into a temporary healing!



Cathy Lechner


Cathy Lechner is a prophet that has ministered across the world, recently at the Beauty of the Lord Womens Conference in SeaTac. Cathy ministers the Word with great joy and power, operating strongly in the word of knowledge and prophecy. She and her husband Randi lead Covenant Ministries (based in Jacksonville, Florida), and prophetically spoke the ministry call upon David & Lisa's life.


5.   -- this website has been closed down. . It is owned by :

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Read this article to see all the connections


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It is NOT mesmerist, it is God healing human by faith. There has been people documented dead and resurrected in the name of Jesus, and I personally now a lady. I know people healed with cancer that doctors are still trying to figure out how the cancer dissapeared, and of course that is God , is not no mesmerizing! and it is an annoiting from God and are in the Holy spirit, you can feel his presence. I know people that their hands where shorted than other and grew to normal size. I seen with my own eyes along with a group of people , people being healed from flat feet and God creating the arc right there. The lists goes on and its not only with healing is also taking out the fear and prosperity and many more. Nothing is impossible with God! God is not no statue, with eyes that cant see, or ears that cant hear, or feel, or mouth that cant talk! he is no a peice of wood or stone, nor is he dead! God is alive! God talks to us, its not a religion we should have its a relationship with God! religion binds the Holy Spirit! God hears us he answers our prayers he talks to us ! He is your father. it doesnt matter how much you try to run away from him or hide, or want absolutely nothing to do with him, you know what he will always be there waiting for you to call upon him, because he is our father and loves us so much and just wants the best for us! before him being Judge he is our father, and he is the only one that can judge, at the end it will be ONLY you and God. NOT you and your parnter, or you and your bestfriend, or you and you family, or any of your friends , its just you alone with God, he makes the last decision. some people still havnt opened their eyes to see this, the blind has everybody with a blind fold, I was once like that, but not anymore, God transforms us completely.


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I wonder where "God exist" learned how to write - - - pretty darn funny. Did that person get past 6th grade?


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