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i've truly tried...but i can't understand one thing for my life...i know it's been asked before...(ted...i do pay attention - it's just something i CAN'T understand) i'm hoping someone has a rational thought on this for me...
why would you want to move to a place that does not want you to move in and that feels that your project is TOO BIG for their community (especially when another place of worship in town is not needed and most of your parishoners will have to travel quite far to get to you)?
again...i know it's been asked...but i've haven't heard a real answer...and don't start any ranting about jesus not being wanted but he stood his ground and preached...this is not that type of scenario - RT has religion...and ireland in no way can be compared to Christ.

Craig Maier


I do not know the answer to your question, but I am willing to profer a theory which would fit the circumstance.  Perhaps this whole thing is just a setup by Ireland to establish the basis for a huge Civil Rights Lawsuit agains the Township of Rockaway.  It would not be the first Civil Rights Lawsuit that we have been confronted with, two of which were settled for very large sums of money.  And, in my opinion, these lawsuits never should have been settled.  The township was correct in its position in the particular cases that I am aware of.



(here comes ted--this is one of his favorites):

Rockets Redglare


I agree with Craig. Ireland is trying to see how far he can push the system.

Despite what some have fooled themselves into believing, no long-time resident of Rockaway wants that church here. For whatever reason.

This is a modern version of busing and integration. I suspect Ireland wants to be seen as a champion for civil rights and will no doubt run for political office sometime in the near future.

Ireland is a self-serving person -- unlike Jesus, whom he claims to represent here on Earth.

Ireland will NEVER be like Jesus -- as long as he uses money and real estate to "enrich" his followers. If I remember correctly, Jesus probably possessed a few robes and several pairs of sandals.

Ireland is a con-artist and a carpetbagger.



I think this is a valid question and as hard as it might be, it is probably best to refrain from personalizing this as a Rev. Ireland crusade.

I think that the process will bear out many of the issues opponents of CC in RT have said all along.  The project is too big for the infrastructure that must support it. 

The difficulty in this is what the evaluation criteria really is.  Is it the 5,000 people of today or the "X" amount of people of tomorrow.  In my humble opinion the studies that are conducted must focus on the tomorrow.  There is no doubt that CC will grow.  If the good Reverend is unwilling to provide the simplest of projections than I think the planners will be compelled to do it for him.  It will be an interesting fight - and it will be a fight - as this will test a lot of boundaries. 

I do not appreciate the scare tactics or bully attempts being made and feel we are well within our rights to "defend" our town.  I find it amazing how, when the going gets tough, some automatically revert to the race card and can't believe it is not about that.  Those same people can also not handle the fact that some move places to avoid a lot of things.  Many of us are from other places and have chosen to live here for various reasons.  Sure, some have done so to avoid "color", but my guess is many have done so for better quality of life, a bit more open spaces, less urban and less conjestion .  Seems to me this could have a major impact on both. 

In the words of Jim Valvano...

..."don't give up - don't ever give up."


Chuck Mueller


Although everyone is right not to personalize the effort, it is valid to try to understand his motives. There were a few posts on the "other" board that seemed to be genuinely from CC members. Many agreed with RT that if the tables were reversed they would feel the same. They also stated that although they were all aware of his desire to move to a larger location, none thought it would be this far away. Many of them have no desire to travel that far to their church. Personally I dont blame them on that one. One even said they though the Rev was going too far on his personal crusade on this one. Personally I think he is just on a massive ego trip. He wants his IreLAND to become the biggest church in NJ. Its a personal power trip to put more $ in his pocket and provide more stature for him. Now I dont hold the desire to excel in their field against anyone although I do abhore those who do it in a devious and underhanded way trying to crush all that may be in their path to reach their own goals. Maybe he needs to be sure he can buy a new Lexus SUV every year. We couldnt expect him to drive around in an old used Chevy like most Catholic priests and nuns I've seen.



More prevalent in the previous meeting but still apparent in this meeting was the rev's use of "I" and "me" instead of "we" or "the church".


Maybe he wants his face on a postage stamp one day. Maybe he hopes to be commemorated as the reverend who beat down that township of simpleton rednecks who had the audacity to try to keep their town the way they like it.

The nerve of those bumpkins!

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