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multicultural one


Here's an idea that will help "The World" see how tolerant and Multi-cultural RT is:

Why don't you Objectors go and talk to some of your close black friends and tell them about the situation here. Surely they will empathize with you. Invite them out to the next meeting and have them go up to the microphone and pose a few questions to the current witness.

This should be quite easy for the friendly folks RT Objectors to accomplish. Why, I'm sure they have many close black friends to choose from. I remember an Objector on the NJ.COM forum even quoted the large number of black folk who live in the quaint Rockaway Township. That Objector must surely have known many of these people, since he knew exactly how many there are.

So this week, when some of those black friends of yours are sitting across your dinner table from you, just casually bring up the subject, I'm sure they'll understand and be happy to help.

Having some people of African decent up there would certainly go a long way towards proving that racism has no place in RT.

My Friends...


Don't want to make the 45 minute drive to RT...

Don't want to drive?


How about the ones that live in RT?

And if they are your friends, they must have been to your house in the countryside before, surely they will come and help you save your property from the "Invaders" if they are truly your friends.



What would anyone who doesn't live in RT care about whether the church comes here or not? What weight would their opinion carry?

I just moved to town - right before this all began. If I had known - I would not have bought my house here. I MOVED HERE TO GET AWAY FROM THE TRAFFIC - so I could have a quiet place to retreat to. Anyway, I don't know many people from town yet. So, I cannot assist in your quest to find the black citizens of RT.



So you're saying that we should all go ask our black friends what they think about this?

That would, by mere virtue of my bringing it up to my "black" friends, acknowledge some sort of racial factor.

There is no racial factor.

I don't care about the parisioners' color any more than I care about the color of the cars they'd block my roadways with.

If I had black friends who lived in RT I would discuss it with them just like I do with the white ones--because it would concern them as residents of this township.

But I don't. Sorry I can't help you.

Chuck Mueller


Odd that they make that suggestion, but as a matter of fact, less than two weeks ago I did that very thing. I attended a wedding. One of those where I knew no one. I was sitting with two lovely educated ladies, both of whom happened to be African American. They had never met me prior to that night and in conversation I told them about the entire CC controversy and the allegations of racism. They laughed and quickly commented that "That was typical of the evangelist types. They play the race card right away and hide behind it." This from a woman who jokes that whenever she goes into a classy dept store, people throw clothes into her arms (thinking she only works there). I found their candor refreshing and since that time we have become friends. You see its the person behind the skin, not the color, that decides whether they gain my respect or not.

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