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Post Info TOPIC: Freedom of Religion or Feedom from it?
Craig Maier

Freedom of Religion or Feedom from it?

Just to let everyone know, I believe in Freedom of religion until it starts to interfere with my own rights to practice my own religion.  To proove the point, we can all create our own religions.  I did it about 7 weeks ago when I became an Ordained Minister on the Internet.  I also got my PHd in Divinity all in less than about 1 hour.  I have the Ordination papers to proove it and also a very handsome sheepskin (cost a little extra for the sheepskin). 
Why did I do this?  Well, I am now allowed to do whatever Ireland is allowed to do and it is completely legal.  I am allowed to perform Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and other church rites that I am allowed to create myself.  Furthermore, if I get someone to become my treasurer, I can legitimatelly file for a 501(c)3 status as a non profit (church).  (Maybe I will set up shop directly across the street from Ireland and suck in some of his flock!)  Literally, I guess I could build a 100 story spire in my backyard and call it part of my religious practice and the town would have no say about that.
But, in actual practice, I really doubt it.  What we are seeing here is a set of flawed laws (RLUIPA for example) which have not yet been tested in the courts.  Otherwise, everyone in the country would do what I have done and formed their own church so that they can avoid taxes and do whatever they want to do with their land.
And, for those that do not believe that I did this, you are welcome to do it yourself.  Check out Google.  Find the Universal Life Church. Go there. You will have to fill out a few forms and get your Ordination and Degree (takes 48 hours to get the paperwork).  It will cost you about 600 bucks to obtain your 502(c)3 status as a legitimate Church.  I have already looked into that.
On a more humerous note, imagine that.  I am a Jew who is also an Ordained Minister with a PHd in Divinity!  What a hoot.



Don't forget to publish the address of your church. We'll be dropping in to visit soon.

Craig Maier


Unlike you who shows up under a different pseudonym each time you appear on this board, I am proud to list my name and address.  I am proud to live here and proud of what we have accomplished in our lives.

I am:

Craig Maier

136 Meriden Road

Boonton, NJ


Tel: 973-316-5772

Now, how about you?  Or are you going to keep hiding under those fake names.




omg Craig, my wedding was performed by my now-brother-in-law whom we ordained with the ULC, online! Credentials cost $35.

To further prove what a heathen I am, I even cheated and took the test for him.

I only missed one question out of 42 separate (albeit multiple choice AND open book) tests to pass ordination.

Wait, maybe I'm not a heathen after all...

Kim Jenkins


Karen you are still the funny one.





Guess the tax issue doesn't apply to you, then does it?

So we can only guess as to the REAL reason that you are so hysterically against this church.

Is it their skin color?

Is it that you are running from your Creator?

Or maybe it's both?

Are black people with Bibles your worst nightmare?

Fear not.



... you weren't at the meeting, were you?

Craig lives in Boonton, but pays taxes to Rockaway Township.

He also lives on Meriden, which is the "back" route to the church--which will become a massive parking lot when the congregants start getting tired of sitting on route 80.

Waaaaah! Race card Waaaah!




was the sound that was coming out of the PA system while Craig had the mic, wasn't it?



Craig DOES NOT live in Boonton.

Craig lives in Rockaway.  Due to the very rural nature of the area we live in (which is WHY we live here), his mail comes out of the Boonton post office.



Right--that's what I meant but wasn't clear--thanks!

Chuck Mueller


Hey Mr. Boonton. Black people dont scare me any more then White people, with or without bibles. But black people with bibles that think they can come into my town and bully me around and make me pay their bill, just because they are black carrying bibles ****es me off to no end.

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