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straight talk about

Urban Sprawl ?

The term "Urban-sprawl" has been thrown around so much that it appears to be a foregone conclusion. But there's no truth or proof of it at all. First, the land CC is buying has already been developed. And any company that movedin there would have had the option of expanding the facilty. RT already surrendered that piece of pristine wilderness years ago. So whatever CC builds inside the property bounderies could hardly be considered "sprawl".

And CC has no right to build anything outside the property line, so they certainly will have no effect on sprawl in the surrounding areas.

Now there's the other part of that term "Urban". Hmm, I wonder what could be implied by the use of that term? Will the arrival of CC members to the area, some of them possibly buying houses nearby, cause it to become more "urban"? If the answer is no, then there goes the whole "Urban Sprawl" point right there.

But many in RT will cling to the term. Why? Because they are letting on to what many onlookers see clearly. They believe that blacks moving into their neighborhoods will cause the area to become more urban. I have had several conversations with an acquaintance who happens to live in WML. This person is a very intelligent and educated individual. But when the topic of CC comes up, this person has told me "Hey, I'm not racist, but I don't think black people will fit into that area very well". And I've also been asked "Don't you think crime will go up in the area after they come in?" and "won't property values go down if they start moving into our neighborhoods?".

So go ahead and keep the fever about your fear of "Urban Sprawl" if you want. But nobody's fooled.

Human Sprawl!


A group equivalent to 22% of our ENTIRE township's population, coming from 45 minutes away and converging on a rural area for a "visit" on a regular basis, is sprawl of some sort.

More pollution, more littering, more noise, more of everything.

5,000 people with no vested interest in this township. Why should they care what happens to this area, they don't live here.

Go to Essex county and take a look at how they take care of their own area; now think of an area they drive through regularly and spend some time in, but don't LIVE in.

Although they DO mostly come from an urban area, we can call it human sprawl if it makes you feel better.

p.s. "Waaaah waaah, racists! racists! waaaah!" Think up something new to whine about.

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