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Post Info TOPIC: Load talkers -Sometimes you need to be out oforder
Mark B

Load talkers -Sometimes you need to be out oforder

My Diatribe-sorry for the length

I've been to the meetings.
And I've written my letters and made my calls to the church.
I've asked them if it was true that the statement made by Ireland did indeed come from his mouth that if the people of Rockaway don't want his compound here, then he won’t bring it.
I am wondering what that definitive sign would need to be?

Perhaps a speaker or two was "out of line" or asking questions that have been asked again and again.
Perhaps those same people feel those questions were being evaded as well.
As a point, I remember that at the meeting at Copeland it was stated we (TVORT and the group's supporters) would take the high road.
I do not remember anyone against the church’s move, bringing up race as an issue, as a matter of fact it has been made quite clear that this is not an issue that the residents are interested in. It is simply not a factor.
HOWEVER…. I do remember and article stating that Ireland’s group believed the resistance is race driven.
And I think this is dirty fighting…..
So only they can fight dirty???
Where is it written that we can’t voice our objections loudly?? Is it not politically correct?? Not the proper forum?? As we learned from past political figures, that what is in vogue as politically correct one day can change the next.
Perhaps in this case, like other occasions you need to shout, kick and scream to get your point across.
Isn’t that why a lawyer will purposely ask a question fully knowing that the opposition will object to it? Just to raise a point??? Just to bring it out??? To make a statement???

If this fight is lost, do you want to look back and think that perhaps if you yelled and screamed a little louder you may have affected the outcome????

I don't want to necessarily take this lying down.

I don't think that the Church is taking this lying down, as is obvious by the experts brought in, the Beckett group’s involvement, and the evasion of facts and questions, the threats of lawsuits, and of course the playing of the race card.

I can’t imagine that the Rev, does not close his eyes and day dream about how large he wants this thing to be.
I am sure the vision he has is greater than his present size. I do not think his ego can be contained by just a 3,000 seat auditorium, and more numbers in radios and TV hanging on his every word.

He makes no point of hiding his motives about certain issues (hiring, paying for certain services, school and classes etc.) So why the evasion of the growth issue??

This thing is already a circus, and it’ll only end up a bigger one, unless we give up and let the church waltz in and do what ever it wants, because that would be the politically correct thing to do.

I moved from a town that was in decline, and after owning a home there for 11 years was able to sell it for exactly the same money I bought it for.
I don’t want to go through that again.
Do those of you who live in the nicer neighbor hoods in Rockaway like the way downtown Dover looks??
Do you like the feeling you get driving around there? Do you enjoy Route 10, or higher taxes?
Uncontrolled growth begets uncontrolled growth.

Perhaps kicking and screaming is a tool that we should beat someone up for using.
The loud voices are on the right side. I’d rather have them here with us, than against us.

Oh, by the way…I clapped-sorry for embarrassing anyone….and yes… years ago… I inhaled.

Craig Maier


I was the big mouth up there, and the whole thing went down exactly the way that I wanted it to.  I have been completely disgusted with "The Chair" finding most of everyones questions to be irrelevent, etc.  I was not going to allow that to happen to my questions, and as you heard, I do know how to use a PA system to maximum effectiveness.  That was no error in mike technique. (The PA system had a Crown 2500 Watt Amplifier, and I intended to use all of it - - - I checked that out before the meeting started)  You seem to be one of the few people I have encountered in the town that understands the technique that I used, and it is a perfectly valid one.  It is done all the time in the courtroom environment.  So, thanks for helping by providing some enlightment on this issue.

BTW - Yes, I inhaled too.  I could never see the point to do otherwise!

Chuck Mueller


Mark B, I hear ya man. You make some very valid points. I for one am sick and tired of all the PC in this country lately. This is a one shot deal. You've got to do your best (or worst) cause you wont get another chance. Craig, I give you credit too. I understood your actions, but would have to admit that I wouldnt have had the guts to do it myself.



...what they said!

You've got cahunas, man.

Speak your mind--you got a lot of questions answered--one way or the other.

Freedom of speech is why we've all migrated over here, because we're sick of being told or forced to shut up.

We have opinions and the God-given right to express them.

To whomever, whenever we want.



Why should anyone be embarrassed? This is a our homes and town that outsiders are trying to take away. We have every right to be passionate and nothing to be ashamed about! 



all i can say to all of this is...


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